Swhacker – Complete Brand Service

What Can Bast Durbin Do For You? Everything.

It’s a question every marketing professional or business owner will ask themselves – “What can these people do for me?” Bast Durbin has no better case study to show than the work we have done for Swhacker Broadheads over the years. We have been involved in nearly every aspect of bringing the Swhacker brand to market.

In 1995, aerospace engineer, Rick Forrest, launched a new concept in mechanical broadheads. Based on his love for elk hunting, and rooted in his engineering background, Forrest’s unique new design allowed the broadhead’s primary blades to open AFTER initial impact, allowing clean, razor-sharp blades to deliver incredible internal damage without sacrificing arrow momentum. It was an industry first. Some year’s later, Forrest would team with outdoor legend, Hank Parker, and the Swhacker broadhead brand was born.

Old Swhacker Logo
New BDA Designed Logo

After years of success, the decision was made to rebrand the company in an effort to reach a younger bowhunting market. Bast-Durbin Advertising was tasked with reimagining the brand from all aspects: logo, tagline, marketing material, print ads, trade show graphics, social media channels, media relations, Field and Pro Staff and more.

In the years since, Swhacker has dramatically increased its presence and positioning in the archery industry. Emphasis was placed on better understanding of the mechanical technology that led to the current “Slice Twice” tagline. Consistency of messaging and visual representation, across all marketing channels, was critical.

BDA has had the pleasure to partner with Swhacker on the following:

• Brand Identity
• Display ads and marketing material
• Tradeshow graphics
• Development and management of field and pro staff teams
• Content creation and management
• Social media management
• Digital marketing
• Packaging
• Field Staff Management
• Brand strategy and implementation
• Customer Service

New Brand Identity and Packaging Designed by Bast Durbin.