March 2019

Facebook is not a billboard—Part 3 of 3

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You need to give fans and followers things of value (your products and services included) and make them want to come back for more. So how do you do this? Here are few simple steps to avoid using Facebook like a billboard, but still bring in potential clients or customers: 1) Ask questions. [...]

February 2019

Facebook is not a billboard—Part 2 of 3

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Your business's purpose is obviously to sell product.  The purpose of your overall social media plan is to drive traffic to your website, or your newsletter, or wherever you would like your potential customers to land to purchase product.   The social media plan per post, however, is not to drive traffic to [...]

Facebook is not a billboard—Part 1 of 3

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Facebook is not a billboard, and should never be used as such. There seem to be a few lines of thought on social media when it comes to what professional, corporate, and business pages are for - and what that strategy should look like. For some, Facebook is either just a way to [...]

October 2018

Buying Radio—Part 2 of 5 (Radio buying Tips—Several Independent Stations or a Group?)

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If you are contemplating a radio buy one of the first things to consider is whether or not you are looking to brand a manufacturer, cause, support a dealer or announce an event. If I have a client that is simply looking to hit as many people as possible to brand their product [...]

Buying Radio—Part 1 of 5 (How To, When To, and What’s Important!)

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Of the many media vehicles that I buy, radio has variables that need to be considered before I sign the insertion order my rep sends me. There are more ways to listen to your favorite genre of tunes than ever before. For me, depending on my mood, I’ll usually roll with 80s tunes [...]

January 2018

Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy to Speak at ATA

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Our Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy, Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, will be speaking at ATA on Saturday, January 13th at 7:15 a.m. in room 135. Her seminar, Beating Facebook's One-Percent Reach: How to Create Engaging Content that Reaches Your Fans will specifically address concerns in the hunting industry, however it is applicable to all [...]

April 2017

December 2014

70,000 LIKES and COUNTING!

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Slinger, WI -  Outdoor TV programming is in an ever-evolving state, striving to capture the interest  of viewers, while meeting the demands of sponsors.  Today’s favorite outdoor TV shows must deliver their product far beyond the TV.  That’s why, when the time came to take Name The Game TV, one of the top rated programs [...]

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PORK: 1500% Sales Growth!

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It’s not every day an ad agency gets the opportunity to reinvent a brand that has stood the test of time since 1921- but that’s just what was asked of Bast-Durbin Advertising when Hard and Soft Fishing (H&S) came to them for help. “One of the many brands H&S owns is Uncle Josh,” said Dan [...]

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