Facebook is not a billboard – Part 3 of 3

You need to give fans and followers things of value (your products and services included) and make them want to come back for more. So how do you do this? Here are few simple steps to avoid using Facebook like a billboard, but still bring in potential clients or customers: 1) Ask questions.  Fans love giving input (negative and positive).  Types of posts that ask them what like, want to share, etc, serve a few purposes: – it does some market research for you. – it helps increase your views and engagement because more people are wanting to answer.  They want to be heard.  The more people who comment, the more Facebook algorithm with show these to your current fans – and their friends. – builds ownership.  Fans feel like you are listening, so they come back for more. 2) Do real time posting.  Don’t always just schedule a post and set it and forget it.  You have to show up online. Be there and engage. It doesn’t have to be constant – but it should be a regular occurrence. Ask about them – ask what they’re doing, and then respond back right away.  This again builds your engagement numbers, and makes Facebook’s algorithm believe that you are relevant. 3) Ask people to share your call to action type posts. Sometimes people don’t even realize that you want them to spread the word.  If you ask, many will do it. 4) Mix up your types of posts when you do need to post a sales type item.  Different types of posts are served to different people.  If you use a direct link in one post, and a photo with a link in the comments in another, you’ll reach different fans because Facebook shows your fans what they interact on most.  You can spread these out over a couple of days to reach the maximum number of fans organically. Using Facebook to drive traffic and sell products and services to potential customers can seem overwhelming at times, as it seems that less and less people are being reached by your page organically. With a good strategy and overall plan to increase engagement over the long term, however, it can become easier to reach more of the people who want to purchase from you.  Give them quality content and avoid acting like Facebook is a billboard, and your page will drive sales incredibly well.