Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy to Speak at ATA

Our Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy, Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, will be speaking at ATA on Saturday, January 13th at 7:15 a.m. in room 135.

Her seminar, Beating Facebook’s One-Percent Reach: How to Create Engaging Content that Reaches Your Fans will specifically address concerns in the hunting industry, however it is applicable to all industries.

Creating engagement on Facebook can be overwhelming, and it can occasionally feel like you’re throwing content up and hoping someone in your fan base will respond. Though it may feel like there are secret rules about who sees what, there are specific ways to increase organic reach and beat FB’s algorithm. This seminar explores those techniques and gives actionable steps for anyone involved in social media strategy.

Hannah will help businesses start creating a Facebook content strategy that helps them beat the Facebook reach algorithm for their pages, and it will also explore the technical items that can either increase or destroy organic reach.

Knowing the strategy of timing posts, words you should and should NOT use in posts, how to get people to interact on posts, and why hashtags and tagging pages can actually hurt organic reach, are areas that business owners and page admins don’t always have time to learn. This seminar puts all of this in one place, and creates actionable steps that can be implemented immediately.

Hannah has been teaching social media and digital strategy nationwide since 2013, and is a featured TEDx speaker on Social Media and the Power of Virtual Communities. She is also the social media writer for Arrow Trade Magazine.

Hannah is available to meet individually throughout the conference dates—shoot her an email at to set up an appointment.