Buying Radio—Part 1 of 5 (How To, When To, and What’s Important!)

Of the many media vehicles that I buy, radio has variables that need to be considered before I sign the insertion order my rep sends me. There are more ways to listen to your favorite genre of tunes than ever before. For me, depending on my mood, I’ll usually roll with 80s tunes if I am washing my truck, country if I’m on the patio, or conservative talk radio if I’m feeling all political.

But when you buy radio, don’t get caught in the trap that just because you are a hunter, it means that you are the entire demographic of your target. I may be a conservative but there are plenty of union boys out there who vote the other party but buy a lot of guns, ammo, and gear.

The point is buy your radio with an open heart, and not a narrow mind. The blog marks the first of a series of radio-buying tips!