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In business since 1994, Bast-Durbin, Inc. has focused its agency’s efforts exclusively toward the outdoor industry. Promoting the honesty, heritage and integrity of great pastimes that will encourage future generations to enjoy the great outdoors.

Outdoors Enthusiasts

Early on, as the publisher’s representative for the Outdoor News Publications, Bast-Durbin regularly worked with product representatives, regional and national sales managers, and marketing managers from many of the industry’s leading brands. Duties included developing co-op advertising campaigns and managing all marketing aspects—from creative concept to accounting.

Over time, our trusted relationship with manufacturers led some to ask Bast-Durbin for further assistance in all aspects of their marketing needs. As a result, in 1998, Bast-Durbin took its experience from the publishing world and became a full-service ad agency, achieving tangible results for its roster of clients through focused and effective creative material; efficient and cost-effective media planning; and second-to-none media/public relations efforts.

Having first worked at the “street” level with these brand reps and marketing managers in support of their retail base, Bast-Durbin is in a unique position, both regionally and nationally, to understand the outdoor consumer from the ground up. Better yet, they know how to reach that consumer from the ground up. And, as diehard hunting and fishing fanatics in their own right, they find themselves to be in the “end-consumer” position just as often as the next guy—a fact not to be overlooked when working within an industry where “faking it” won’t get you far.

Most importantly, Bast-Durbin pride’s itself in having a terrific relationship with an entire network of outdoor communicators who assist in gaining awareness and support for our clients. From local freelance writers to nationally recognized personalities, Bast-Durbin finds creative and effective ways to get our clients noticed and, ultimately, sell product.